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Davos X-Trails is a unique mountain run that demands everything from the participants and, depending on the run, pushes them to their physical limits. Therefore, it is important not only to prepare physically for this event, but also to have read all the important information.

Requirements for the participants

Participation is at participants’ own responsibility. In particular, participants are responsible for their health, their physical condition, and their equipment. All participants are expected to:

  • dress according to weather conditions and individual needs, with adequate protection for rain, cold, and sun

  • stop the race as soon as it threatens to become a health risk for them

  • behave in an environmentally friendly manner and not leave any rubbish in the countryside

  • provide first aid to other participants should they have an accident or experience health problems

  • only start if they are completely healthy, have no previous illnesses or disease/Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with sick persons

The following minimum ages apply:

  •     Diamond Run: from the age of 18
  •     Gold Run: from the age of 16
  •     Silver, Bronze: from the age of 14
  •     Kids: from the age of 4


Acclimatisation of ideally 5 days at an altitude of over 1,500 m above sea level is highly recommended when starting on the longer runs. Infectious diseases (angina, flu, etc.) that have occurred before the run can significantly reduce performance and pose serious health risks (e.g., heart muscle damage). Anyone who suffers from such a disease 6 to 8 weeks before the run should consult a doctor before participating.

Requirements for Diamond and Gold Run

The runs take place in alpine, sometimes even high-alpine terrain. This requires the participants to adjust their caution, equipment, and race planning accordingly. There are individual steep ascents/descents, which require good sure-footedness. Being in good physical condition is essential for mastering Diamond and Gold. These are long and high alpine routes where participants consciously take higher risks.


Mandatory equipment

All runners on the Diamond and Gold courses are required to carry the following equipment throughout the race. There will be controls at the starting area.

  • drinking cup
  • rain jacket
  • Emergency kit (warming blanket 140x200cm, self-adhesive bandage 100cmx6cm)
  • whistle
  • Smartphone with emergency number 081 414 85 77
  • 1l water for Diamond, 0.5l water for Gold

To all runners on the silver and bronze run we strongly recommend to carry a drinking cup with them.

Recommended / allowed equipment

  • poles
  • leg warmers
  • sleeves
  • Headband or cap
  • gloves
  • Spare T-shirt
  • sunglasses

The organizer reserves the right to require additional mandatory equipment such as a sun hat or bandana in appropriate weather conditions. The organizer reserves the right to exclude people from participation if the mandatory equipment is not present.
Listening to music with headphones is allowed, but not recommended by the organizer.

Start number distribution

The start number distribution will take place on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning and all participants have to pick up the start number personally.
Start number distribution Davos: Sports ground Davos Platz (Talstrasse 41)
Start number distribution Klosters: Multipurpose hall directly at the train station Klosters Platz / start area

Time limits


Starting time

last runner @ finsih line

Diamond (68km)

07:00 am

09:00 pm

Gold (43km)

07:00 am

06:30 pm

Silver (23km)

09:40 am

02.30 pm

Bronze (10km)

08:30 am

11.30 am


All participants are entitled to an exact time measurement. This is done with a disposable chip integrated in the start number, which does not have to be returned. During the races, various intermediate times will be recorded electronically.

The running time is measured from the moment the start measuring mat is crossed. No legal claims against the organizer arise from faulty or inaccurate timing.

Runners luggage

Running luggage must be labeled with at least the race number for all runs. It is recommended to use your own luggage labels. Luggage labels will be provided at the start number distribution. All participants are responsible for collecting their own luggage (also in case of race cancellation etc.). Luggage that has been handed in cannot be forwarded. Exact dates for dropping off and picking up luggage will be announced later.

Silver Run participants can drop off their luggage for transport to Davos before the start in Klosters.

Drink and food posts

On the food and beverage plan you will find the list of locations of all food and beverage posts. On the course map the aid stations are marked. Support staff may only support athletes with food within the official food zone, this zone starts 50 meters before the aid station and ends 50 meters after.

The organizer may add food or beverage posts at any time without notice. Littering will lead to disqualification. There are trash cans at all posts. Packaging discarded outside the food and beverage area will result in disqualification of the runners.

Accompaniment and support

Personal support by coaches is only allowed in the area around the refreshment station. Any accompanying of the participants on the course (e.g. by mountain bike or by running with them) is prohibited. Pacemakers are not allowed. Dogs and baby carriages are not allowed. Participants may not be accompanied at the finish line or through the finish line.

For the KIDS run, parents are asked to let the children run alone to the finish 50m before the finish.

Safety and medical care

The Davos ambulance service and members of Samaritan clubs will take care of the runners on the way and at the finish. Medical helpers will be on site at the various medical posts. Every runner in difficulty (injury or health problems):

- should report to the next medical post or to the next course post if possible

- can ask another runner for first aid

- calls the emergency number of the event (is visible on the course map)

The medical service has the right to take participants who are in danger of damaging their health out of the race for a certain period of time or permanently.

Course marking

The course will be marked with flags, route tape, marking spray and information signs. Leaving the marked routes is prohibited and may result in a penalty or disqualification.

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